South Australia

Lake Eyre and Coongie Lake are both favourite photo locations of mine. They have a barren beauty and the light at dawn and sunset is absolutely gorgeous. The sky is often bright pink or purple, colours which provides a great foil for landscape photographs.

In this portfolio I have a photo showing the desert in floral bloom - this happens only rarely after extended rains. Another two show a recent find - the Painted Hills near Coober Pedy. Here the colours of the sand and rocks certainly look as though they have been painted by a huge brush.

The Flinders and Gammon Ranges are rugged and spectacular, and both are regular stop-overs on our way north. Layers of orange red sedimentary rock often lie canted over at a 45° angle, forming colourful backdrops to the Xanthorrea found growing there. In the dried-up creek beds ancient river-gums spread huge roots through the rocky terrain and seemingly against all odds defy the arid conditions. Poignant reminders of the hardships of early mining endeavors and settlement still remain.