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A message from Richard and Carol's web master

It is with great sadness that I write this update, Richard and Carol Green and their friend John Davis, a documentary film maker, passed away on November 7th, 2015 when their helicopter crashed near the Hunter Valley. They were on a trip researching environmental impacts of coal mining.

If you are wanting to send an email to Richard and Carol's family please address it to (

Langdon Stevenson

the book - REMOTE & WILD

The genesis of our book came from a talk I was invited to give at the National Library of Australia. This was intended to illustrate my 'Wild Places' exhibition, on display there in 2008. The audience was keen to hear something of the background to the 'heli-camping' lifestyle that enabled the images to be collected. The exhibition also generated numerous requests for a book of the images.

This book reproduces these and many more. It also details the equipment I use, and the techniques I have developed to create these extra large panoramas.

From a personal perspective, Carolyn describes how we embarked upon our 'photo heli-camping' lifestyle and the occasional trials and tribulations of the activity. She recounts our adventures and encounters, along with several hair-raising experiences we have had during over 20 years of searching together for Australia's wildest places.

I have personally specified and coordinated all aspects of the production of the book. My objective has been to ensure that the colour separations, print and paper quality, all live up to the same technical standards of my exhibition images which so many people have admired and enjoyed. The result is a book that is both beautiful and dramatic.