the helicopter



The EC135, which we have operated since 1999, is my pride and joy. It was manufactured by Eurocopter Germany, and is a modern twin turbine helicopter with a fenestron tail rotor. Both these features add a significant level of safety when operating in remote and often confined areas.

The helicopter's standard fuel tanks have a capacity of just over 650 litres. In addition, I have designed and fitted a long-range tank capable of holding an additional 300 litres - essential for those places where there is a longer than usual jump between fuel stops.

In its normal configuration the helicopter is designed to be a seven seater - pilot, co-pilot and five passengers. But for our trips the passenger seats are removed to provide room for our equipment. This primarily comprises the long-range tank and a specially designed fridge/freezer, which is run from solar cells when on location. When fully loaded, the helicopter is also stacked to the roof with camera equipment, camping gear, food, drink, tools, spares and emergency equipment.

Both Carol and I have pilot licences to fly the machine.