Tasmania is a place we love, particularly the South West. It is a breathtakingly beautiful region, with landforms sculpted by ice ages from the Pleistocene and beyond. The diversity of the vegetation it supports, much of it endemic to the region, together with the diversity of its land mass, make it a wilderness unparalleled elsewhere on the Australian continent.

Mountain slopes are host to thriving Pandani with slender fronds curling into delicate whorls. Myrtle trees spread tangled branches covered in lush frilly mosses. On the ground smaller plants grow like perfect bonsai gardens.

We stopped to have lunch on one occasion in a valley filled with wildflowers. The air literally vibrated with the humming of myriad insects. The richness of sounds, smells and colours, was unlike anything either of us had experienced before. It was as though we had entered a far off secret garden, which I guess was exactly what we had done.