The South East

Although we travel south frequently en route to Melbourne and Tasmania, we have spent little time documenting the countryside of the eastern seaboard. It is well populated, and with the helicopter our objective is to keep away from human settlement in favour of wilderness that is rarely seen or inaccessible.

I have taken very few aerial panoramas, but there are a couple in this portfolio taken specifically for SERCA - the South East Region Conservation Alliance. Here they have been used to promote the beauty of the region, and to discourage logging of these magnificent old-growth forests. Taking panoramas like these from the helicopter requires a very steady hand. As with all my panoramas each image comprised many individual photos that had to be stitched together on computer.

A few years ago a trip took us across the Snowy Mountains over the summer period. Normally seen covered with snow, the grey granite boulders formed dramatic natural sculptures near the top of Mount Kosciusko. We then continued south to Melbourne, were I recorded the beginnings of new growth after the disastrous bushfires of 2009.